It’s all fun and games until there’s work to be done

Web Design IReland

Hi again guys,

I thought maybe I should write a quick post about my beliefs and methods around web design and my work in general.

Over the past 3 years (JCiT is into its 4th year now) I have worked extremely hard to grow JCiT into a viable business. It’s just me alone so there have been many late nights and early mornings and even a few sleepless nights.

I absolutely love my job and enjoy every minute of it. I love to have fun and I especially enjoy the Irish wit! You may see this website and some of the blog posts I write and think I am joking around but this certainly isn’t the case.

A huge part of the success of JCiT is my desire to give people the best service possible and make sure the clients needs are my number one priority.  Everything else falls into place once that’s achieved.

I will joke around and try to make my approach to my business as novel and as fun as I can but be safe in the knowledge that I take every aspect of your business with the upmost seriousness and respect.

I appreciate every enquiry that I get and I hope someday we will have the opportunity to work together.

Thanks for reading,

John 🙌