You Can’t be a Blogger Without a Blog

Hi Guys,


This months competition is a completely free from start to finish Beauty Blog!

The blogger community is full of hard working, dedicated and creative people who spend a lot of time taking pictures and presenting quality blog posts on a weekly basis on their blog/website. You can join them with a prize I estimate to be worth about €500!

The idea behind this competition is that there are a lot of new Beauty ‘Bloggers’ on the scene that don’t have a website! The dawn of social media has diluted the word blogger to a point where people think they can blog without a website. This isn’t the case, or maybe I’m wrong and you can write a review in 140 characters on Twitter.

The word ‘blog’ is an abbreviation of the term ‘weblog’, which is a space (website) on the internet where you can keep a ‘log’ of all of your personal thoughts on a specific subject i.e. fashion, technology, lifestyle or in this case beauty. Today, blogging has grown into a viable career, as has being a social media personality. They are closely connected, because social media is a great tool to promote your blog and connect with potential readers, but are not the same thing.

To be a ‘Blogger’ you need to Blog!

Baker’s bake their own cakes and cake shops sell other peoples!! (mmm cakeshouldn’t have wrote this cake, sorry post on Pancake Tuesday ).
You can be both a bakery and a cake shop but only if you bake your own cakes!!

So assuming the statement ‘You can’t be a Blogger without a Blog’ is true I’ve decided to give away a complete WordPress blog to one lucky winner.

So the jammy fecker who wins will get:

  • A website built to your specifications using WordPress and hosted free for 1 year
  • A .com or .ie* (or whatever else they might want) domain.
  • A custom designed logo for their new website.
  • An integrated Press Kit to allow PR companies to see you’re realtime stats on you website.
  • A tutorial on how to use wordpress and write blog posts.

We are all well aware of serial competition enterers so the winner will be a legit one and chosen on the 29th of February (I don’t know how they’ll handle their first birthday though )

To win all you have to do is follow @jcitdublin on twitter and retweet & comment on my pinned tweet.

That’s it guys, pretty simple for such an awesome prize!

If you have any questions or you would like some more on the competition you can ask on Twitter.

Stay Golden,


* Please note .ie domain registrations require photographic ID and some other documentation. Perfectly standard procedure. All will be explained to the winner.