Hi Again Guys,

Jaysis the oul weather has been great hasn’t it, or some other generic Irish greeting to ye.

Anyway I’m delighted to announce that I have a new product launching this week called PressKitty.

PressKitty is an online PressKit/MediaKit for WordPress users.

If you are unfamiliar with PressKits they basically a set of stats and other information that bloggers collect to forward onto PR Companies.

The Stats and Information might Include:

  • You Contact Details
  • Your Blog Stats (Amount of Visitors, Age of Visitors, Male/Female Visitor % etc.)
  • Your Social Media Stats (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers etc)
  • Media Exposure, If you were featured in a Magazine or on TV etc

Traditionally, a Blogger would create a document that would be created (mostly) manually and emailed to companies who may be interested in working with said Blogger.

PressKitty (cute name, fair play to me) automates the PressKit process and shows a live version of your stats.

I’ll be launching the PressKitty website later in the week so I won’t ramble on too much.

Watch this space!!

Thanks a Mill